Setting the Standard in Health and Safety Risk Management

Commitment to excellence

With a commitment to excellence and a wealth of experience, we bring unparalleled expertise to the forefront of the field. Our dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of our partners within our industries sets us apart, making Shoal the go-to partner for comprehensive Health and Safety Risk Management solutions.

Trust us to navigate the complexities, mitigate risks, and create a secure environment for all.

Working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury
Shoal's Journey

Shoal's journey has been fuelled by a deep understanding of the challenges within the industry, where outdated recruitment and training practices, coupled with a non-risk-based approach to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), have created roadblocks and red tape, leading to subpar quality and performance standards.

Recognising the need for a transformative approach, Shoal embarked on a mission to redefine industry norms. In recruitment, we saw an opportunity to elevate the process by entrusting seasoned professionals with industry knowledge to match qualified, experienced individuals. This personalised approach ensures a seamless fit, fostering a dynamic and skilled partnership.

Shoal provide premium safety services across the UK & Europe

Recent Energy Projects Shoal have operated, providing our Turnkey solutions in Risk Management.
  • Rookery Pit ERF Bedfordshire
  • Newhurst ERF Loughborough
  • Slough Multifuel ERF Berkshire
  • Protos ERFCheshire
  • Ferrybridge 2 ERF South Yorkshire
  • Keadby 2 CCGT Lincoln
  • Earlsgate Grangemouth Scotland
  • Skelton Grange ERF Leeds
  • South Clyde ERF Glasgow Scotland
  • Pembroke Power Station Synchronous Condenser Pembrokshire
  • Riverside 2 ERF Belvedere London
  • Rivernhall ERF Essex
  • Woodsmith Mine Whitby
  • Drax Biomass/Coal South Yorkshire
  • Progress Power OCGT Suffolk
  • Hirwaun Power OCGT Wales Aberdare
  • Millbrook OCGT Bedforshire
UK map of project shoal have worked on

Navigating industry complexity with expertise and reliability

At Shoal, our commitment is clear: to offer unwavering expertise and reliability to organisations navigating the intricate landscape of industry. Recognising that time and resources may be limited, we stand as a guiding force, ready to advise on best practices and deliver solutions across all aspects of health and safety.

In the face of the challenges this complex topic presents, Shoal is your trusted partner, dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance and ensuring the safety and well-being of all stakeholders.

Inside Ferrybridge


At Shoal the solutions we provide are based on a people centric approach. Placing individuals at the forefront, valuing their health, and ensuring they go home safe steer Shoal in its direction in how it conducts its business, forming the nucleus of operations.


The Partners we serve operate in very dynamic and demanding arenasIt is essential that Shoal’s operations can reflect this, with the capability to support at a moment’s noticeOur experience in our field means we are prepared to divert our skills and services to meet the demands of our mandate to ensure everyone goes home healthy and safe. 


We can’t “Change the way our Partners view health and safety” or keep pace with our evolving environment we serve unless we provide innovation in out solutionsPrimarily, focussing on relieving financial burden of health and safety measures whilst still providing proportionate solutions. 


Our commitment to integrity is reflected in our ethical conduct, transparent communication, fair treatment of people, adherence to legal standards, and a continuous pursuit of improvement. We believe this value underpins trust and credibility within the industry and among our partners we serve and consultants we place.


 The matter of ones health and safety dictates that our service are of an excellent standard. After all, if we aim to ensure everyone goes home healthy and safe nothing short of excellence in our approach is considered acceptable