Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2024, Shoal will be proudly seeking CSR Accreditation.

Our background

Shoal is a premier Health and Safety Professional Services firm dedicated to securing our clients' future by collaboratively crafting sustainable business, people, and project strategies. Our services range from specialist recruitment, industry-required training, and upskilling workforces to managing entire projects under CDM. As a comprehensive service entity, Shoal ensures a commitment to health and safety, aiming for everyone to return home healthy and safe. With a team deeply rooted in health and safety, Shoal, established in 2018, has actively participated in significant projects across diverse sectors, gaining valuable industry experience.

Our collective expertise, cultivated through hands-on involvement in projects from conception to completion, positions Shoal as a specialized and experienced entity, distinguishing us within the industry.

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Corporate Social Responsibility at Shoal

We embrace a purpose-driven philosophy, aspiring to create a safer future for our partners and contribute to the well-being of those they safeguard. Our corporate responsibility extends beyond the norm, rooted in ethical practices and doing what's right.

In 2024, we proudly seek CSR Accreditation, a testament to our commitment to ongoing improvement. This accolade will showcase how Shoal seamlessly incorporates social, environmental, ethical, human rights, and consumer considerations into our business approach and day-to-day operations.

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