Health & Safety Company of the Year 2023

Winner of the Health & Safety Company of the Year.
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February 5, 2024

Shoal Safety is a health and safety specialist with a turnkey approach to recruitment, equipment, training, and project support. With extensive real-world experience in developing essential safety offerings, the business delivers comprehensive services to meet the unique needs of clients in the construction and renewable energy industries across the UK.

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Established in 2019, Shoal Safety in Numbers was created to provide its partners with end-to-end solutions for all stages of their activities, including design, development, construction, commissioning, handover, and operations. The business prides itself on its pursuit of excellence and is passionate about maintaining authenticity in every aspect of its work. Shoal has established trusting relationships with renowned clients worldwide by consistently delivering efficient, turnkey solutions. Its core services include recruitment, training, PPE, medical provision, security, safety campaigns, and much more.

Shoal offers accredited training programmes across all disciplines of construction and management. Its courses can be tailored to meet clients’ exact specifications to support their teams where they need it most. Behaviour safety training is a key aspect of its services, designed to promote a culture of safety and provide essential knowledge of best practices and safety techniques. All training has been created to help learners recognise how they can improve safety, health, and environmental issues on their construction sites.

Core values of agility, care, excellence, innovation, and integrity have shaped the foundation for the business’s success. Shoal is committed to demonstrating care for the wellbeing of its employees, partners, and stakeholders. By prioritising the safety and health of individuals, the company fosters a positive working environment and aims to inspire others to consider the safety of those around them. Shoal strives to consistently deliver transparency in its operations and uphold the highest standards of quality in its services. The team is flexible in their approach and able to tailor services to meet their clients’ evolving requirements. The business is also dedicated to continuous innovation, integrating new ideas and technologies to develop cutting-edge health and safety solutions.

“It is Shoal’s overarching mission to change the way its clients view the world of health and safety, delivering solutions together, ensuring everyone goes home healthy and safe.”

Although based in South Yorkshire, Shoal is a company that serves clients all over the UK. In the current landscape of the industry, the team have noticed a significant surge in growth, particularly in its location of the north of England, due to the redevelopment of outdated power plants and the increasing demand for renewable energy. Shoal has shifted to a decentralised energy system, involving the local generation of energy from renewable sources. This approach creates a more sustainable energy structure by reducing fossil fuel use and increasing eco-efficiency. Shoal is a forerunner in industry transformation and collaborates with organisations in the design, construction, and operation of renewable energy initiatives. It is Shoal’s role to create safe working environments across all phases of these projects.

Looking into the furnace

Founder and Business Development Lead Sean Austin peering into the furnace at Ferrybridge 2, the North’s largest Energy Recovery Facility.

Further, the north of England boasts existing infrastructure and energy grids in upland areas and along windy coasts that provide abundant opportunities to harness renewable energy. Businesses within the sector benefit from the region’s manmade and natural resources, with 77% of the public supporting renewable energy initiatives and projects. The north generates a large amount of England’s renewable energy despite being smaller in land area and consuming less energy. The renewables industry in the region is a £1.5 billion sector and employs over 9,400 people across 611 companies. The industry continues to grow, and could provide the UK with 500,000 additional jobs by 2024. As a leader in renewable energy, the north is home to a growing industry that contributes to the country’s economic development and provides many opportunities for collaboration.

Looking to the future, Shoal aims to foster sustainable growth and expand its client base, offering its turnkey solutions to a broader range of partners. The business has plans to expand into new areas, reaching regions where its services can make a significant impact. By embracing innovation and integrating the latest technologies, Shoal will remain at the forefront of industry transformation. With its holistic approach to safety, health, and environmental issues, the company fosters a culture of care and wellbeing for its partners.

Shoal is dedicated to consistently delivering its health, safety, environmental, and quality solutions to meet the individual needs of its clientele. Its end-to-end services ensure that all organisational requirements are addressed. The business remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, providing the foundation for its vital solutions. With its unwavering commitment to innovation, Shoal will continue to create safe working environments and develop solutions that incite positive change within its industries. For its comprehensive services and client-centric approach, Shoal has received our award for Health & Safety Company of the Year.


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