Earls Gate Energy Centre

Waste From Energy

Partners engaged with:

Brockwell Energy
Earls Gate

Project Overview

Brockwell Energy Limited was formed in 2017 to raise investment capital to develop an
£800 million portfolio of energy projects, predominantly in Scotland, on and around former
coal mining sites. Planning was obtained in January 2017 for a 215,000-tonne per annum
The energy-to-waste facility is the Earls Gate Energy Centre in Grangemouth.

Besides providing a high-quality residual waste solution, built using the best available proven
technology in the world, the heat and power generated by the plant will be used to support
four different chemical operators in the Earls Gate site. The plant replaced an old gas-fired
plant. The heat and power off-take will make the Earls Gate plant one of the most efficient in
the UK, helping to drive the shift from fossil fuels to heat and electricity from renewable

Midway through the construction project, Brockwell as Client, inherited the remaining
construction and commissioning activities, ultimately resulting in self-delivery. This
unchartered territory required the support of reliable and experienced professionals across
all functions of a large-scale process facility construction project. Shoal were engaged at
this point to offer turnkey solutions in health and safety matters.

Health and Safety Consultancy

Shoal collaborated with Brockwell’s team to help develop the health and safety management system. This was an opportunity to help shape the arrangements suitable and sufficient for Brockwell’s activities and keep them proportionate to avoid undue bureaucracy. Once developed, Shoal remained available for advice on implementation, development and refinement.


To take over and drive a project halfway through, injecting competent and experienced personnel is necessary. Shoal mobilised a variety of roles across the core and extended the function of health and safety management:

  • HSE Managers for both the Principal Contractor(PC) and Contractors
  • HSE Advisers for both the PC and Contractors
  • Temporary Works Coordinators
  • Appointed Persons for lifting
  • Senior Appointed Persons
  • Signs

The rebranding of the project by Brockwell was a subtle but important task. Shoal were
engaged to undertake a sign and poster survey to facilitate the re-mobilisation of the project, giving all site personnel sufficient information in general and health and safety matters.
Shoal used its capability to print large-scale purposeful signs and posters to bring awareness
to the site as required. Project hazard boards were the highlighted example of how Shoal
demonstrates its experience in coordinating construction activities in alignment with useful
and purposeful functionality for health, safety, and construction activity.

Health and Safety Campaigns

Both Shoal and Brockwell recognise the importance of engaging the workforce to focus on
scheduled health and safety hazard topics as the risk increases. Shoal delivered a one-day
“Stop the Drop” campaign to the entire workforce. The campaign was programmed starting

with poster campaigns for awareness, followed by a demonstration of consequences and
education by showing and telling by equipment an alternative working method solution.


Competency of Workers, Supervisors and Managers is key in delivering successful
construction activities whilst remaining healthy and safe. Additionally, the continual
renewal of health and safety performance training remains an ongoing initiative.
Shoal supported the project in arranging the delivery of various training
services. Most of these were site-based to reduce mobilisation time for a
time-sensitive project. The training activities were supplied to a dynamic
environment, demonstrating Shoals’s capability and agility to deliver where our
partners require.

Hired in Plant

The requirement for Brockwell to respond to its dynamic environment resulted in Shoal
flexing its diversity to source hired in the plant. Allowing the project to carry out essential
activities. This diversity demonstrated Shoal’s commercial ability to solve solutions and be
resourceful beyond its core function.


The above services demonstrate Shoal’s ability to understand its partner and work
collaboratively to deliver successful health and safety solutions. The Earls Gate project
benefited from Shoal’s experiences combined with its agility to deliver.

Services Provided:

Behavioural Safety Coaching
Outage Management
Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Campaigns
Safety Training
Turnkey Health and Safety Solutions