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Project Overview

Shoal, a leading health and safety professional services provider, played a pivotal role in supporting Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) and their subcontractors at the Newhurst Energy Recovery Project. This project, operated by HZI, a global greentech company specialising in Waste to Energy (WtE), presented a unique set of challenges that Shoal addressed through a range of services, including but not limited to recruitment, training, signage and personal protective equipment, with a particular highlight being the behavioural safety training campaign. Construction began in 2021 with completion in 2023 more than 600 jobs were created at the peak of construction, with 50 people now employed by Encyclis formerly Covanta. 

Targeted Behavioural Safety Training 

Shoal’s campaign centred around a comprehensive health and safety expo, strategically addressing four key areas critical to the success and well-being of workers on the project: 

  1. Work at Height Safety: Focused on preventing falls from height, this segment aimed to enhance awareness and practices related to working at elevated positions. 
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Shedding light on the correct usage and interaction of PPE with wearers, the campaign delved into the tasks and risks associated with the work undertaken while donning protective equipment. 
  3. Mental Health Awareness: Recognising the importance of mental health in the workplace, this segment highlighted the risks posed by poor mental health and ways to foster a supportive environment. 
  4. Behavioural Safety: The campaign aimed to improve behaviours and positively influence the overall project by exploring the reasons behind behaviours on construction sites. 

Expo Success and Milestone Achievement 

The behavioural safety training campaign culminated in a two-day health and safety expo, a significant milestone for Shoal’s capacity and service offering. The expo attracted over 300 attendees and provided a platform for interactive learning and engagement on crucial safety topics. 

Shoal spared no effort in creating an impactful environment, erecting training towers, displaying banners and signage throughout the project, and deploying industry experts to deliver a collaborative mission statement. The expo events not only educated participants but also fostered a culture of safety consciousness that would resonate beyond the immediate training sessions. 

Collaborative Mission Statement 

Shoal’s collaborative mission statement emphasised the collective responsibility to prioritise safety, improve behaviours, and positively influence the project’s overall health and safety standards. The success of the expo events demonstrated Shoal’s commitment to going beyond our traditional safety training, offering a holistic approach that addressed the unique challenges posed by the Newhurst Energy Recovery Projects construction phase. 


Shoal’s behavioural safety training campaign at the Newhurst Energy Recovery Project stands as a testament to our client HZI’s dedication to creating safer and more conscientious work environments for their contractors and their people an ethos shared by Shoal. By successfully addressing key areas such as work-at-height safety, PPE usage, mental health awareness, and behavioural safety, Shoal contributed significantly to the success of the project and the well-being of its participants. The expo events were a success in terms of participation and marked a milestone in Shoal’s evolution as a business committed to comprehensive health and safety solutions. 

Services Provided:

Behavioural Safety Coaching
Outage Management
Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Campaigns
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