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Rookery South

Project Overview

Project Overview

Working on the Rookery South ERF for our client Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI), a global greentech company operating in Waste to Energy (WtE) and their Sub-Contractors. The project construction commenced in 2019 and subsequently entered into commercial operation in January 2022, Shoal supported the project through this time, including a period where it faced a confluence of challenges – from the complexities of Brexit-related changes to the unprecedented disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Navigating through these uncertainties required a level of collaboration and adaptability that Shoal was uniquely positioned to provide.

Training Support

Shoal, renowned for its commitment to health and safety, undertook the responsibility of ensuring that a diverse range of professionals were well-prepared for the challenges associated with their respective roles. The training programs focused on empowering individuals with the necessary tools to operate safely, efficiently, and confidently in hazardous work settings. In a significant achievement, Shoal, successfully trained over 700 delegates at the Rookery Pit Project. Serving as Project Health and Safety support to HZI and its subcontractors, Shoal’s turnkey offering played a pivotal role in enhancing safety and competence in this specific project environment.

Recognising the unique challenges posed by the Project, Shoal adopted a project-specific approach to our health and safety training offering. The training initiative covered a spectrum of critical areas, including but not limited to plant training, work at height and confined space operations, first aid, fire marshalling, and emergency response rescue. Shoal’s expertise in each of these domains was channelled into creating tailored programs that addressed the unique requirements and risks associated with these specialised risks.

What Matters

One of the key strengths of Shoal’s training approach lied in its ability to provide practical insight and real-world preparedness. Delegates underwent hands-on training exercises, simulations, and scenario-based learning that mirrored the challenges they might encounter in their professional environments. This not only enhanced their theoretical knowledge but also instilled a level of confidence and competence crucial for on-the-job performance.

The training initiative took place amidst challenging global conditions. Shoal’s adaptability and commitment to its mission were evident in our ability to navigate these challenges and deliver training programs that met the highest industry standards in line with fluid government guidelines and restraints of Brexit.

Services Provided:

Behavioural Safety Coaching
Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Campaigns
Safety Training