Protos Energy Recovery Project

Energy Recovery

Partners engaged with:

KSM Zeman
Standard Kessle Baumgarte
Ward & Burke
Protos ERF project

Project Overview

Unlocking Success at Protos Energy Recovery Project with Shoal

In the dynamic landscape of health and safety professional services, Shoal emerged as a key player
in supporting the Protos Energy Recovery Project alongside Mytilineos and Standardkessel
Baumgarte. Teaming up with the joint venture, Shoal tackled diverse challenges through its
comprehensive suite of services, encompassing recruitment, training, signage, and personal
protective equipment. Shoal’s initiation of robust health and safety management set the
foundation for success at the project’s outset and still plays a major part to date.

Construction Milestone and Job Creation

Embarking on this venture in 2021, the Protos Energy Recovery Project created over 600 jobs at the
peak of construction. Shoal’s strategic support proved instrumental in guiding two relatively new
entrants, Mytilineos and Standardkessel Baumgarte, through the intricacies of the UK EfW market.
Shoal has contributed to the project on a trajectory of excellence by navigating industry standards, best practices, and innovative safety applications.

Medical Provision

A highlight among Shoal’s achievements is our exemplary medical provision, which is tailored to the specific needs of the Protos project. As a leading Occupational Health & Medical services provider, Shoal
drew on its extensive experience to help reduce sickness absence costs, ensure legislative
compliance, and promote overall wellbeing and resilience for Mytilineos and its workforce.
Shoal’s on-site Medical Response team has continually demonstrated its expertise by providing swift
and effective treatment for minor injuries and illnesses. With a proactive approach to health, the
team ensured minimal disruption to work duties, eliminating the need for ambulance transport or
hospital treatment in most cases. This agile response underscored Shoal’s commitment to the
wellbeing of every individual under the project’s umbrella.

Collaborative Health and Wellbeing Strategies

From the project’s inception, Shoal fostered collaboration with all stakeholders to devise,
implement and drive proactive health education, promotion, and wellbeing strategies. The creation
of a comprehensive health and wellbeing plan, coupled with a calendar of engaging events, formed a
pivotal part of Shoal’s commitment to a preventative, meaningful, and sustained impact on the
health of all project employees.


In summary, Shoal’s multifaceted contributions played a vital role in the success of the Protos Energy
Recovery Project, exemplifying its dedication to excellence, safety, and the overall wellbeing of the

Services Provided:

Behavioural Safety Coaching
Medical Provision
Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Campaigns
Safety Training