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Riverside 2

Project Overview

Shoal is actively contributing to the success of the Riverside 2 Energy Recovery Project in the London Borough of Bexley, collaborating with Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) and its subcontractors. This endeavour, overseen by HZI, a leading global greentech company focusing on Waste to Energy (WtE), provides a distinctive platform to measure the achievements of past behavioural safety campaigns conducted by Shoal at other newly built facilities. It stands as a notable initiative within the construction sector.  

Prevention of “Line of Fire” Campaigning 

HZI entrusted Shoal with a critical mission – to engage and empower the entire workforce during the early construction phase of Riverside 2. Recognizing the significance of scheduled health and safety hazard topics, Shoal delivered a groundbreaking three-day “Line of Fire” campaign, setting a new standard for safety education. 

Comprehensive Campaign Phases: 

Media and Artwork Launch

Shoal initiated the campaign with a visually impactful media and artwork launch designed and manufactured exclusively for heightened project awareness. The eye-catching materials were a powerful introduction to the impending discussions on safety. 

Demonstrations and Education

The campaign seamlessly transitioned into a phase of live demonstrations. Shoal’s experts showcased real-life examples, delving into the consequences of line-of-fire incidents and imparting invaluable education. This interactive approach ensured a deep understanding of the potential impact on the construction industry. 

Teach-Not-Tell Training Programs

Shoal’s commitment to effective education took centre stage in the following phases. Training programs were meticulously crafted in a “teach not tell” style, reaching broad audiences and key stakeholders. The emphasis was on information and fostering a proactive safety culture. 

Engagement for Over 400 Strong

The “Line of Fire” campaign reached every corner of the workforce, engaging over 400 individuals. Shoal’s tailored approach ensured that every participant absorbed the vital safety and hazard awareness lessons. 

Why Shoal’s Campaign Matters

Shoal’s innovative methods transcended traditional safety campaigns, ensuring a lasting impact. Media, artwork, demonstrations, and training are tailored for maximum effect. Shoal went beyond information transfer; we look to instil a proactive safety culture within the workforce. 

Services Provided:

Behavioural Safety Coaching
Safety Campaigns
Safety Training