Face Fit Testing (Qualitative)





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3 Years
A worker being fit-tested

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Course Description

This is a method used for checking that a tight-fitting face piece matches the person’s facial features and seals adequately to the wearers face. It also helps to ensure that poorly fitting face pieces are not selected for use. An inadequate fit will significantly reduce the protection provided to the wearer.

If a fit test is not performed, then an unsatisfactory seal/barrier may unknowingly exist. This could allow excessive leakage of airborne contaminants into the wearer’s breathing zone, even though the user is wearing a respirator correctly selected for the application.

Who Should Attend?

Qualitative Face Fit Testing is aimed at those who require to wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE) in order to carry out work.

Additional Information

Entry Requirements

Persons attending MUST be cleanly shaven. The fit test cannot be carried out if there is any hair growth between the skin and the face piece sealing surface e.g. stubble beard growth, beard, moustache etc.

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