Behavioural Safety Coaching

Shoal’s Behavioural Safety Coaching and Campaigns: Shaping a Safer Tomorrow

Foster a safety first culture

Empowering your workforce with the knowledge and tools to foster a safety-first culture is at the heart of Shoal's Behavioural Safety Coaching and Campaigns.

Our initiatives are designed to instil a proactive approach to safety, creating a workplace where every individual is committed to well-being.


Key Features of Shoal's Behavioural Safety Coaching and Campaigns:

1Proactive Education:

We believe in proactive measures. Our coaching programs offer in-depth education on behavioural safety, empowering individuals to identify and address potential risks before incidents occur.

2Customised Campaigns:

Every workplace is unique. Our campaigns are tailored to your industry, addressing specific safety concerns and promoting a culture of responsibility.

3Engagement Strategies:

We go beyond traditional training methods. Our coaching and campaigns are designed to actively engage participants, ensuring a lasting impact on their safety mindset.

4Continuous Improvement:

Safety is an ongoing journey. Shoal's programs are structured for continuous improvement, adapting to evolving workplace dynamics and industry standards.

"What we do makes a difference. All we have to decide is what difference we want to make!"

Who should I contact about Behavioural Safety Coaching?

Chloe Lukey

Chloe Lukey

0330 175 6850