Outage Management

Seamless outages and turnarounds with Shoal’s expertise by your side

Trusted Expertise Across Industries

Whether your facility experiences a scheduled or unexpected outage, a planned downturn, or a turnaround, Shoal is your partner in ensuring its safe and efficient execution. Across a wide spectrum of industries, plants rely on Shoal for CDM Management, additional staffing support, and the expertise essential for these crucial shutdowns

A Comprehensive Outage Service

As a component of our comprehensive Outage Services, we offer outage health and safety planning and services, coupled with outage management. You can count on us for the services, knowledge, and resources you require, whether it's before, during, or after an outage. Our commitment is to help you resume operations on schedule, with an unwavering emphasis on safety.

Expert Outage Planning and Management

When acting as the principal contractor, Shoal takes responsibility for preparing the construction phase plan before the outage commences. We develop, communicate, and implement this plan as necessary to ensure its effectiveness in managing and overseeing the outage work through to completion. Our industry expertise, not only in health and safety but also in operating power plants, equips us to execute outages efficiently.

Your Trusted Partner for Outage Success

Shoal is dedicated to providing the expertise, resources, and support you need to ensure the safe, efficient, and timely execution of your facility's outage. With our comprehensive Outage Services, you can rest assured that your plant is in capable hands.
Empowering high-performing teams, Shoal stands as your trusted partner, ensuring the safe and efficient execution of CDM management

Who should I contact about Outage Management?

Stewart Barker

Stewart Barker

Operations Lead
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