Safety Campaigns

We transform safety messaging into captivating experiences that drive positive change

What is involved in a safety campaign?

We offer a range of ready-to-deploy safety campaigns proven to enhance safety practices on construction sites. Our portfolio includes the highly effective 'Stop the Drop' campaign, which has demonstrably reduced the risk of falls at numerous project sites.

Additionally, our team can tailor campaigns to address specific safety concerns unique to your project, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Safety Campaign Diagram

What are the benefits of a safety campaign?

1Increased Awareness:

Safety campaigns raise awareness about potential hazards and safe work practices. By consistently promoting safety messages, employees become more conscious of their surroundings, leading to a proactive approach in identifying and addressing risks.

2Behavioural Change:

Regular safety campaigns can influence employees' behaviour positively. By emphasising the importance of safe practices, individuals are more likely to adopt and maintain behaviours that contribute to a safer workplace.

3Team Building:

Safety campaigns often involve collective efforts, fostering a sense of teamwork among employees. Shared goals and a commitment to safety create a collaborative atmosphere, where individuals actively support one another in maintaining a secure work environment.

4Reduced Incidents:

The primary goal of safety campaigns is to prevent accidents and injuries. By reinforcing safety standards promoting a safety-conscious culture, organisations can experience a decrease in the number of incidents, resulting in a safer workplace.

5Improved Morale:

A workplace that prioritises safety demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of its employees. This commitment can boost morale, as employees feel valued and supported by their organisation. A positive safety culture contributes to a happier and more engaged workforce.

Line of Fire campaign DiBond boards
A table talker with Line of fire campaign
Our stop the drop campaign

Who should I contact about Safety Campaigns?

Chloe Lukey

Chloe Lukey

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