Transformative approach

Recognising the need for a transformative approach, Shoal is on a mission to redefine industry norms. To be the go-to partner in supporting organisations in delivering solutions to ensure everyone goes home healthy and safe.


In recruitment, an opportunity to elevate the process by entrusting seasoned professionals with industry knowledge to match qualified, experienced individuals. A personalised approach ensures a seamless fit, fostering a dynamic and skilled partnership.

Personal Protective Equipment

Regarding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Shoal recognises the inadequacy of a generic approach. Understanding that tasks and risks vary, championing a tailored approach to outfitting our partners' workforce. This approach considers functionality, safety, and aesthetic preferences that our partners value.

Tailored Training

We provide bespoke, tailored training experiences aligned with each organisation's unique needs, partnering with recognised awarding and accredited bodies. Training programs should be multifaceted, designed to make candidates knowledgeable and truly competent, with Shoal adopting a teach-not-tell learning style.

How can we do this better?

We cannot stop at Recruitment, Training, and Personal Protective Equipment. We desired to extend our vision to Security, Medical Provision, Signage, and overall Consultancy. Conducting our gap analysis, we ask the critical question: "How can we do this better to add real value for our partners and their staff?"


Innovation is key in shifting how our partners view health and safety. We prioritise reducing the financial burden, offering cost-effective solutions that still deliver proportionate protection.

Our Mission

To be the go-to partner in supporting organisations in delivering health and safety solutions to ensure everyone goes home healthy and safe. Organisations and projects in the UK and beyond face a monumental challenge in the 21st century to remain commercially competitive while delivering their aims and goals and maintaining a safe working environment.

Given the high demand for new projects, it is widely broadcasted about the reduced numbers of experienced workforce in the construction industry. Shoal aims to support projects in mitigating the potential fallout risks of such scenarios by lending its services of providing the right people for the job and services that help control risk.